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Wow [Aug. 22nd, 2006|02:44 pm]
I have no idea why I'm posting this.

Haha, it's fun coming back to this, and realizing I haven't used it in like two years. I saw a post for my 10 month anniversary with Steph, and we're going on 35 months next month, haha. Good memories.

I wonder who will actually read this...
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So [Mar. 7th, 2005|01:24 am]
How is everyone doing?
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OMG LOLZ! Steph and a few others will get a kick out of this! [Sep. 9th, 2004|08:19 am]
Would anyone want to bang you? by phobia
Favorite Food:
Wants to Bang you:
This many times:25
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2004|06:57 am]
fkn; djndask;nbfkh;q wdio'j3rfkdmgkio f

They moved IIDX before I ever got a chance to play it.

That makes me sad.

OH WELL! More Duel Master packs XD
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Happy 10 Month Anniversary Stephanie!! ^_^ [Aug. 12th, 2004|12:12 am]
[mood |ecstaticVery Very happy =D]

Oh shit, time for a real entry.

Anyways, today is Our(notice the caps) 10th month anniversary ^_^. We had a lot of fun today.

To start it off, school. Which is okay, pretty fun, as usual. Played Yugioh for a change (made my own deck, very bad, just right now to play against moham). PLayed magic, Takuro gave me some pretty good cards(thanks, if you even read this). Fixed the sunburst deck, now it runs more effieciently.

Then went to meet steph at 74th street. As we were waiting for the train, It hit. (again, notice the caps). It was more powerful than anything I've ever seen before. It would've eaten my babies if I had any. That rush of rain was Ridiculous with a captial 9. It got worse and worse as we got closer to Flushing. And when we got to Flushing, it was raining SO HARD there was a flood INSIDE of the station! The rain was so bad, Steph and I decided to go back to her house. But on the train ride back to 74th, the sky cleared up, rain stopped, and it was sunny. So we then turn around and go back to Flushing. I'm really glad we did, we had fun.

Once we get to Smiles, we, of course, go to the Coynz machine. But we only used $12 on it this time, so we only won about 259 tickets. And we couldn't combine our old voucher with 266X tickets on it because the guy who runs that machine wasn't there. So we didn't play any more Coynz because it was pointless. Then played ddr. Terrible scores. And the machine barely has any names on the score boards, so I decided to do Pop 4 difficult on doubles. Got first place (no other names). But when I was putting my name in, I accidently hit the left arrow again a split second before I pressed the start button, so my name changed from "bird" to "tird". What are the odds of that happening?!?! Lucky me, I suppose.

Then Steph and I head towards Toys R' Us. On the way there, we saw The Ocean It left behind. Such a huge ass puddle, jesus. Looked like a midget could swim in it. Anyways, once in Toys R' Us, we look at random toys, like we usually do. Saw a huge doggy plushy that was $100. So big, I could use it as a bed. Wandered some more. Saw some stuff. PLayed Wario Ware Inc. (GC version) demo with Steph and it was fun. It's actually pretty cool. Might get it. But it's really only a party game, not fun at all alone. Then Steph sees this cute Togepi plushy, and it's pretty big (I think so anyway) and she's like "Awww, I want it, but it probably costs too much..." so we just walked past it. Then later on, we come back to it, and she's pretty much in love with it, so we decide to see how much it is. We then start talking about how it would be nice if it cost like $5 or $6. But we figured it cost like $10 or $15. So we check the price and WOW! It only cost $8.68(or something to that affect). So she buys it right away. Then we leave Toys R' Us to go eat at Mcdonalds.

McDonalds, we eat.

Then we go to the movie theaters to get tickets for Anchorman. But they weren't showing it, so we saw Spiderman 2 instead. It was about 6:05 when we got the tickets, and it started at 6:40, so we went back to Toys R' Us. There, we saw Something, and bought it. I won't say what this Thing is, but tomorrow whoever is there in the morning at school will laugh the moment I see Steph and "greet" her. Hehe, going to be fun ^_^

Then we go watch Spiderman 2, and JESUS THAT IS ONE LONG ASS FUCKING MOVIE. About 2 hours 16 minutes. We went in at 6:40 and left at 9! So once the movie is over, Steph and I sit at a table and practice(omg lolz this probably sounds so bad because no one knows what I'm talking about). Then at around 9:35, we head to the train station. We get on the 7 train, get to 74th street, and go our seperate ways. Such a fun day!

Then I get home, make a crappy Yugioh deck and then type this up.

Weeeee, tomorrow morning is going to be fun and funny. ^_^

Happy Anniversary Stephanie!!! ^_^

I love you so much!!!
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w00tz [Aug. 9th, 2004|07:00 am]

so yea, me and steph have every american kirby game ever made now.   Good stuff.  Now i need to go and 100% all of them.  So far I've done Kirby's Adventure(nightmare in dreamland[with metaknight also]) , kirby's dreamland 1 and Kirby's dreamland 2.  I've also beaten Kirby's Blockball and i've gotten high scores on Kirby's star stacker and Pinball.  Dreamland3 and superstar are going to be so hard to 100%.  and kirby's dream course is MAD hard.  and 64, i just need 2 take time out of the day to play that game, haha

neways, go us.

<3 I love you Stephanie!<3

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(no subject) [Jul. 26th, 2004|08:31 am]
[mood |boredbored]
[music |Gamelan de Couple]

Nothing to really post about.
I'm in school and I'm extremely bored.

So in closing, I say Fuck your couch, please. It is very horny and lonely.
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(no subject) [Jul. 8th, 2004|01:51 am]
[mood |angryPissed the fuck off.]

yo, im sorry. but why the fucking flying mother fucking piece of dirty shit is william hung famous?! GOD he's famous for being TERRIBLE. he shud just commit suicide and end his troubles. it's like the atomic bomb being famous for killing millions. and he runined a great song. AND HE LOOKS LIKE A FCKING RETARDED RETARD. AND HE DANCES JUST LIKE SINGS WHICH IS JUST WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE : RE-FUCKING-TARDED! jesus, why da FUCK would he make a god damn music video?!?!?!? HE SHUD BE SHOT IN THE FACE THEN THEY SHUD ERASE HIM FROM HISTORY. god damn. and he's fucking UGLY GODDAMN. I CAN SING BETTER THAN THIS GUY. I CUD EVEN SING BETTER THAN HIM WHILE I WAS GIVING HEAD TO A 15 INCH COCK GOD DAMNIT.

It pains me to see what this world has come to. People become famous now for being terrible. What a waste of goddamn money. I mean jesus, he should use all the money he makes for looking and being retarded to get plastic surgery to atleast be a normal ugly person. Right now he's like a uber retarded ugly bitch who was beat with 19 ugly sticks. Jesus. And to think what that money could go towards. HIV still doesn't have a cure but someone is getting paid to sing like a goddamn retard. Wtf, use the money to fund schools, use the money to fund something useful, JESUS. I don't know why this got me so angry, but it did. Goddamnit. AND HE'S NOT EVEN A GOOD ACTOR IN HIS OWN GODDAMN MUSIC VIDEO JESUS!


Watch it and you'll see what I mean. I can't believe Time and Effort was wasted on William Hung. Goddamnit. If I could get paid half of what he makes for singing/dancing like a retard on speed, I would pay him to STOP dacing/singing like a retarded with a stick stuck in his anus.

I'm sorry William Hung, you need to die, or get out of the spotlight, or give your money to a charity or fund something useful or donate money to a hospital. Goddamnit he's such a fucking annoyance. There are hard working people out there. Teachers, firemen, policemen, and the like, doing some of the toughest jobs in the United States and then comes some fucking idiot who wanted to TRY to become famous but failed but in the process of failing, he did it. HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT WORK?!?!?!? Think about it, how many of you ACTUALLY know who won the American idol season William Hung was on? Many many many more people know who William Hung is, and don't know who the fucking winners are. And this fucking guy is known for being retarded. I hope he feels guilty every single damn night he lives, goddamn. JUST STOP IT. Come on now, just go back to your studies and maybe learn some more english. jesus...

< /anger>
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CRYPTOGRAMS!!! [Jun. 20th, 2004|02:25 am]
w00tz! i figured out my 1st Cryptogram today! Cryptograms are SO MUCH FUN! here's the one i solved:



For those of you who don't know, a Cryptogram means each letter in this message stands for a different one, but stays consistant throughout the message.

A hint is this is a funny quote that someone said. The person speaking/writing is the name at the end of the cryptogram.

Look down for a hint:

O -> I and Y ->M
You can tell this because O is found alone and in front of O'M and there's only one word that can be written like that, I'M. and the lone O shows it can only be A or I and there's no word thats A'?.

Good luck to everyone who's gonna try!

I love you so much Stephanie!!!

PS: I solved it in about an hour, maybe one hour 15 minz. have fun!
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Play sausage! Who has the longest? [Jun. 13th, 2004|10:08 pm]
{length:47}-{nightway}-{w23}-{cherita}-{goldy_kin}-{besyonya}-{alexej}-{ivand}-{ta_tochka}-{gosha}-{candelabra}-{nikon_nlg}-{dziro}-{ven_ture}-{xnrrn}-{allegroconmolto}-{soulscode}-{glassapples}-{traveller}-{shaenie}-{nasturtium}-{bunnybaggins}-{juvu}-{blueathena}-{wyldkyss}-{squidflakes}-{artdollz}-{watery}-{linzee}-{lostaddiction}-{turningred} - {moohcow} - {sessodio} - {been_thinking} - {snaggletooth_ed} - {forky} - {yr_aprtment} - {emperors} - {yummie} - {wiperblade} - {thegreatcreator} - {jjvast40} - {realitysuxgrl} - {asmallwhitecube} - {kugatsu} - {neochef} - {bigmatt} - {trff_birdman}
To join, enter your nickname and press the button. The sausage will post itself automatically.
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created by nightway
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